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We print your ideas and messages on paper. From the technical point of view, everything is possible at Benz Printing Company: From classic offset printing in quantities to digital printing in small runs, as well as subsequent highly specialised paper processing. Everything is managed and processed in-house, using the printing house assets and skilled employees to get the job done. This provides customers a great benefit in project reliability and high quality print products.

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets / Flyers
  • Menus (with lamination)
  • Business Stationery (Business Cards, Letterheads and similar)
  • Admission Tickets
  • Timetables
  • Forms
  • Manuals

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The printing process can only begin with the perfect print data. All the data supplied is collated and prepared at the DTP prepress stage. Precision in data handling and employees with a great deal of experience are required, so that the print-ready data can find its way into the production process.

Prepress How we work at Helmut Benz Printing Company Prepress

Offset printing

Sheetfed offset printing offers an optimum print quality for long runs. The range of production varies from single-color to six-color print products. In terms of functionality and rationality, no customer request remains unfulfilled. Offset printing projects can be implemented with ever greater efficiency and individuality. By using the most modern offset methods, all printed matters and package inserts are implemented in a fast and profitable method.

Helmut Benz GmbH & Co. KG Offset Printing Helmut Benz GmbH & Co. KG Services


Further working steps begin after the printing process such as folding, binding, foiling, stitching and separate finishing. This is the right moment, when a processing-specific know-how and many years of experience in dealing with the medium of paper is called for. All in all, larger quantities can be processed ever more efficiently and effectively to he customer.

Package Insert Inside Package Insert Inside
Weiterverarbeitung finishing Package Insert

"Precisely manufactured and folded up to 64 times"

— This is how the package insert becomes an important information carrier for the patient and the consumer.
Precisely manufactured Package Insert

Benz Print Company —
A success story under the sign of the package insert

The package insert is something very specific. As much information as possible is to be accommodated in the smallest possible place. It is good to be able to meet these requirements: We produce small and very small package inserts on lightweight paper in any desired forma. Insofar it is a very technical mission. Incidentally, the entire production chain is processed within the print house by our own specialists - from single source to the delivery in special packaging and sorting systems is subject to a system - everything is subject to a system.

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