Award Printer of the Year 2020

Benz Printing Company

We are a premier, custom print house proudly serving pharma, corporate and industry for over 70 years. In large format to digital solution, we have been offering a comprehensive service from prepress to postpress. Our corporate culture has constantly evolved – permanent investments in technology, state-of-the-art printing equipment and team building.

Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art printing technology

Print House

Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art printing technology - at the Helmut Benz GmbH & Co. KG, a long time experience of around 70 years of print production is fused with innovative and most powerful printing and manufacturing machines.

The combination of the art of printing, certified processes and high-qualified employees

We achieve first-class performance through constant innovations of our machinery and highest efficiency of our production processes. Our company has been ISO-certified for over 25 years and guarantees a consistent quality of any printed product. From planning through the entire production process, finished by on-time delivery, Benz Printing Company is a reliable partner to top-names industry and pharmaceutical groups.

"High-tech meets tradition"

— Our professionals push the envelope of printing results.
falzen, binden, folieren, heften und finishing
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Zertifikat

Committed to quality, safety and confidence

Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, Benz Print Company remains 100 percent committed to its customers. We are taking all necessary steps and developments in order to make sure that safety and hygiene measures have top priority to our employees and customers.

Our philosophy corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Customer orientation & sustainable success
Excellent customer relations have always guaranteed the sustainable success of our company, such as constant turnover and setup of a clear risk management. Like in the past, the following statement even applies today: "The customer is king!"
Management & Leadership
Management and executives lead by example: Through high-quality communication and genuine leadership, we increase the value for our employees and to our customers.
Commitment of the employees
For around 70 years, we have been providing high-quality printing results: We secure jobs in a constantly changing industrial environment. That is why we know that the allocation of resources must concern our employees, too. Know-how, motivation and satisfaction are of our utmost importance.
Process-oriented approach
Many years of experience have led to the fact that nowadays we can see ourselves as a process organisation in which everything depends on the processes and their interfaces. And thus on the customer. We live flat hierarchies and team readiness.
Continuous improvement process (CIP)
We live in processes, always dynamic and highly vigilant. We live an open error culture, through which we not only improve continuously, but strive for perfection: Our failure rate is < 0,01 %, our on-time delivery rate is 100 %. We are always under live wire and stand on our tiptoes. Not just when an audit is due.
Fact-based decision making
As an independent family business company in its third generation, we have no corporate affiliation, we stick to tried-and-true approaches: Diligence and accuracy, state-of-the-art machinery, hard metrics, regular evaluation of risks & opportunities.
Relationship management and sustainability
We love to support sports, social and artistic projects in the Rhine-Neckar region. For us, sustainable success includes sustainable use of resources. We maintain genuine and long-term partnership to our business partners and to potential parties. We honour the history of our industry sector at our own premises with the Benz Printing Museum – a collection of working machinery from the beginning of printing.

We want to provide you with individual solutions on your project. We are looking forward to your positive feedback! If you would like to visit our facilities, we will be happy to invite you!

Our specialty is the production of pharmaceutical package inserts. The great challenge is to print very thin printing papers at the highest possible processing speed and finally to fold the raw format to a very compact final format.

We offer a real quality advantage: A comprehensive and tailor-made service on thin paper printing.

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